Senior Games Mayhem-Wrap up

Well, like I said, the best laid plans of mice and men…

I had hoped to provide a daily installment of our time at the 55+ BC Senior Games, however things got a wee bit busy after the first blog on this topic. In between playing games and having some fun, a few domestic issues (a house sale that almost went sideways-due to a buyer getting edgy about pets) crept in which took a bunch of my off ice attention. Plus, the back end was very busy teaching the front end the proper way to play liars dice. Continue reading “Senior Games Mayhem-Wrap up”

Senior Games Mayhem-Day 1

So, this is a bit of departure from my usual entries.  Normally it takes me anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to create an entry.  I also usually do it on Microsoft Word.  Penning a rough draft, waiting a day and then beginning the editing process before finally transferring the finished product to WordPress.

Not so this time and for the next 4 days-he wrote hopefully.

Why? because I’m typing this from my room at the Trickle Creek Lodge in beautiful Kimberly as we await the start of our sport at the 2018 BC 55+ Senior Games.

My goal is simple: to write a reasonably brief daily entry that sums up the days on ice results and off ice shenanigans.  Because believe me, the 3 other characters and myself on this team of ours will get up to some post game silliness.  Or, at least, what passes for silliness when you’re in this age bracket.

Now this means that each post will be only briefly reviewed (if at all due to time constraints) and are likely to be full of more than the usual spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.  But hey, it’s just like live TV.  The errors and mistakes are part of the fun and charm.

So Day 1 began with my alarm going off at 4am in Vernon.  We had to meet at our 3rds home (Don Eyers) to pile into one vehicle for what we hoped would be a 6 hour ride to Cranbrook.  Arriving, so we figured, with at least 45 minutes to spare before the start of our groups practice session.

Well you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.  We were right on track to meet our time when, just east of Creston, we ran into a convoy or lumber trucks crawling up the Crows Nest Pass and then, immediately afterward, got stopped just outside of Yahk (yes, its pronounced Yak.  And, no.  I have never yacked, in Yahk) by paving construction that Drive BC had somehow neglected to mention on their road stoppage webpage (and for all you side seat navigators, we didn’t go through Golden because there are up to 90 minute delays between there and Revelstoke).

I had cel service so I quickly called the Cranbrook club who were gracious enough to let us join a later group of oldsters.  As it was we were only 10 minutes late and after scrambling into our gear it was off for practice.  Which, btw, also happened to be our first times on the ice for the season.

If the practice is any indication, the ice and stones will be great.  The surface was hard and not greasy, nice and fast (about 25 from hog to tee) with at least 5 feet of movement on draws without sweeping.

Seeing as it was our first foray onto the ice, we took it pretty easy as we moved to each sheet, focusing on sliding without carnage and draw weights until our last session where a few light takeouts were tossed. All in all, four of us survived without any major issues and we have enough pharmaceuticals to get us through the next 4 days-hopefully.

After practice and the usual team meeting with officials to go over the rules-CCA General Rules of Play with only a few surprises: 4 rock, not 5, FGZ, no hair brushes for sweeping but you can use any head cover you want on your brush.  No biggie, it’s just us old farts after all.  How much can a 65-year-old (our lead) manipulate a stone with sweeping, right? (actually, it’s an awful lot.  But I didn’t write the rules.  However, I will take full advantage of them).

Once clear of the club it was off to Kimberly (20 minutes north) to book into our rooms and then do the usual stand in line to get our accreditation. Finally, I think it was about 6pm when we finally got done and hit Sully’s Pub for some badly needed food and malty beverages before hitting the hay. There’s a hot tub at the Lodge but it shuts down at 10pm.  We’re saving it for after our first game.

So the other two members of this merry band are Wayne Ovens and Dave Poggemiller (Who’s name, I guarantee you, I have just fucked up-sorry Poggy).  They are the lead and second respectively, with Don at 3rd and your’s truly on the helm.  We played in this thing last year in Vernon and took the Bronze and vowed to return to pursue the Gold. So here we are as a result.

Our first game goes Wednesday at 4pm against a foursome from Kitimat made up of the same 4 guys we played last year.   So stay tuned.

Cannabis, Curling and You-Coming to Your Club This Fall!

I thought it might be nice to let Curl BC off the hook for a bit and delve into something in a lighter, more humorous vein yet still dealing with the roaring game.  So without further adieu, let’s look into the future.  The near future.  October 17th, 2018 to be precise.

That’s right. Pot, Ganja, Reefer, Mary-Jane, Maui-Wowee, Grass, Weed, Thai Stick or whatever name you want to use, is about to become legal across the Great White North on October 17th, 2018. With that comes a whole bunch of questions and concerns. And, guess what? it’s going to have an impact at your friendly neighborhood curling club as well.

Full disclosure: Unlike old Billy Clinton, I actually have inhaled. I’ve enjoyed the green stuff in limited amounts and on rare occasions. Mainly because I’m a non-smoker and one puff usually reduces me to a fit of coughing that never ceases to amuse my more frequently imbibing friends-there’s more than a few readers of this blog who’ve witnessed this. Yet I have to admit that the notion of legal edibles is indeed an intriguing one. I find the idea of less coughing and no stink very appealing. Continue reading “Cannabis, Curling and You-Coming to Your Club This Fall!”

When is a BC Curling Tour Not a BC Curling Tour?

Apologies and thank you. You’ve been patient. As a reward, there’s a Merklinger update within. But you’ll have to read the blog to find it.

Two entries back I mentioned how Curl BC announced long overdue tours for BC Men’s and Women’s athletes and events. You might also recall they had yet to release any details on how the tours were going to work. So I chose to reserve judgment. Continue reading “When is a BC Curling Tour Not a BC Curling Tour?”

When is Enough, Enough?

I’m at my wits end with those who seek continually to change the game purely to suit their own selfish needs and ambitions.

Not that I’m against change. Far from it, I’m highly in favor of it. But only when its for the good of the sport and all those who play and are involved . Too much lately hasn’t been for the good-although it gets slickly packaged and promoted as such-but for the benefit of a very small group. Continue reading “When is Enough, Enough?”

Curl BC Comes Close, But Misses the Broom, Again…sigh

I had dreams that this blog entry might be full of optimism and hope to coincide with the arrival of Spring. Why? because I had heard that changes were in the wind to my home province’s playdowns. Changes that were positive and addressing the issues raised by last year’s format.

Visions of BC curlers all joining hands on a sun-drenched hillside, wearing hippy clothing and dancing in a big circle while singing REM’s ‘Shiny Happy People’ sprung to mind. That image and catchy little tune was playing in my head when I saw the latest newsletter arrive in my email. And then came the sound of the needle being dragged across the entire album when I read it. Continue reading “Curl BC Comes Close, But Misses the Broom, Again…sigh”

Dumb Moves Galore, Mojitos and Why John Schuster is the Best Thing to Happen to Curling in a Long Time…

First off, apologies. I have been in blog hibernation since the last entry. Call it too busy with Christmas, two jobs and enduring 6 weeks straight of mixed graveyard and evening shifts. To paraphrase Danny Glover: ‘I might be getting too old for this shit…’

What has roused me from my slumber to once again regale you with wit and wisdom regarding the roaring game? Well, not one thing in particular. Oh no, there’s a veritable plethora of stuff that has the hair on the back of my neck standing up. Continue reading “Dumb Moves Galore, Mojitos and Why John Schuster is the Best Thing to Happen to Curling in a Long Time…”

The Great Olympic Pre-Trail Swindle (or How Glen Howard and Charlie Thomas Got The Shaft)

One of the great things about this blog is just when I think, for the briefest of moments, that I’ll have nothing to write about, a topic just falls into my laptop-if you’ll pardon the pun.

Case in point: there I was minding my own business, trying-in vain I might add-to balance the divorced single dad budget while wondering: what I should write about for the next blog? when out of the sky, like the proverbial gift from the Gods, drops the Olympic Pre-trials. Continue reading “The Great Olympic Pre-Trail Swindle (or How Glen Howard and Charlie Thomas Got The Shaft)”

Why a BC Team Rating System (BCTRS) Instead of a Tour?

Two blog entries in 2 days? What gives? Is the author on Speed?

No, not at all. If you recall my post yesterday, I did mention that I would follow up-in slightly greater detail-with my argument supporting a BCTRS instead of a tour. Call it Merk Part 2-the Icemaker Strikes Back, if it makes you happier. Although Dave doesn’t get really any screen time in this sequel, not even a cameo.

What you’re about to read is kind of a Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of the two files that I sent to all the recipients of Merk’s original email and the host clubs of the 7 BC Cashspiels listed in the Curl BC Yearbook for this season. Continue reading “Why a BC Team Rating System (BCTRS) Instead of a Tour?”

Dave Merklinger is an Unhappy Camper

If you thought I’d disappeared or given up the blogging gig, wrongo. I’ve actually been busy with a side job that’s a crucial part of this little entry.

As the title suggests, all is not joyful in Merkville these days. But before I go into the ‘why’ let me just say a few things about Dave. The best way to describe him is this; ‘Merk is Merk’. What you see is what you get and you’ll either love him or hate him, but one thing for certain; once you meet him you’re not likely to ever forget him. Continue reading “Dave Merklinger is an Unhappy Camper”