THE ROCK STOPS HERE #1-Welcome to Me… September 3rd, 2016




Blog #1-Welcome to Me…

September 3rd, 2016

Creating this blog was deceptively easier than I thought. A little bit of research (Merci, Blogging For Dummies) to discover that there are, indeed, free sites, select what seems to be the best, go to WordPress and Viola! Twenty minutes later here I am.  Owner of my very own domain name with a free reign to spout off.

Why do I feel this is kind of like handing the keys to your classic ’69 Firebird convertible to your 16 year old without them taking driving lessons?

You might be thinking: a blog mainly about curling? the sport with the rocks, brooms and ice? and what makes me so special that my words should demand your attention?

Fair questions. Ones that deserve honest answers.

If you know the game you might think, reasonably enough, that we have more than enough blogs about the old roaring game. Most curling reporters have their own-as do some of the top players and their teams.  Hell, the national champs even get one on the Canadian Curling Association website. With all that wonderful banter available, what do you need me for?

Well, let’s face it. 99.9% of those blogs are snooze fests.  Just there to appease team sponsors or back up whatever decisions the governing bodies make.   It’s usually just empty words, letting you know everything is hunky-dory and not offending the powers that be.  After all, when you have your snout in the trough you don’t want to upset the farmer who provides the slop, do you?

But I digress. I intend to be different.  I have no sponsor to placate, care nothing about what the governing bodies think or worry about my curling peers.  At 55 I’ve had a great 40 years in the sport with accomplishments and memories no one can ever erase. I can never throw another stone and look back with fondness and pride at my accomplishments.  If writing a blog raising important issues in my sport makes me a pariah that no one wants to curl with, sobeit. The game owes me nothing.

I want to give something back to the sport. And, to me, that’s giving you-dear reader-some different food for thought.  Some people coach, some take the political route through clubs and associations.  Seeing as there’s plenty of good (and bad) folks already involved in those pastimes I’m going to do something a little different.  I want to shake you up, inform you, challenge you so you won’t just blindly swallow as gospel whatever sound bite you hear or pap that you read.

In short, I want to piss you off. Because people who get pissed off tend to get things changed.  If only one person stands up at a club, provincial, national or world association meeting and says; “What the fuck?” because of something I wrote then I’ve been successful.  And if you’ve been paying close attention to the game, particularly the past few years, then you know we need more curlers using that phrase.

So just who is this fool who wants to stir the pot? Glad you asked, ‘cuz now I gets to talk about meself a bit.

You already know I’m an old geezer at 55. I’ve played this sport, based out of BC, since 1974-competitively since 1976.  For those out there that demand resumes as some sort of validation that you should be allowed to speak, I have my fair share of accomplishments on the ice.  More than some, less than others.  But in a nutshell I’ve had successes at club, provincial, tour and national levels.  Need more?  then Google me.  I have neither the time or patience to get in a dick measuring contest to appease your ego.  Besides, if a writer as poor as Bob Weeks can spin a blog about curling, so can I.  At least I know the game.

I’m a single, divorced (and widowed-more on that in the future), working dad of two amazing monsters who are my greatest accomplishment. I have a full time job as well as a part time one. I struggle from paycheque to paycheque to pay a mortgage, strata, utilities, kids activities, food and to put a dent in the long term debt all of us lower middle class Canadians seem to be burdened with.  I also still pursue a dream of becoming a champion again.  Problem is, time is running down on that game clock for me.

In short, I think I’m a pretty good representation of the average, journeyman competitive curler. Which is another good reason to listen to what I have to say, because there’s no sugar-coating in my writing, no special interest or big brother looking over my shoulder. I can say what needs to be said, the way I want to say it.  So if straightforward talk, with a few creative curse words and obscure references tossed in isn’t your bag baby, then hit the back button now.

Why give you this info when I could just stay blissfully anonymous? Instead of hanging my aging balls out there for you to kick, why not just post random rants on curling dedicated web forums under a pseudonym?

Because I’ve gone that route. Most sites are more fronts for equipment manufacturer advertising and less about the sport. Here I can speak in greater depth and detail than a post on a website forum. It won’t be all boring hyperbole.  I have  a fairly twisted sense of humor, maybe I’ll go sideways on a few different topics (like how almost none of you know how to properly buy a car-for example) once in a while-just for fun and to mix things up- and you get to take a season long, hi-jinks filled ride with Team Schneider as we chase after the BC Purple Hearts.

But in the end, if you come away entertained, better informed and a bit angry about this sport we love then I’ve done my job. Because I’m not here to sell you frozen chicken wings.

So hold on to the safety bar, this ride get’s a wee bit bumpy from here on in.

Jamie Sexton,

Vernon BC, September 2016



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