Dumb Moves Galore, Mojitos and Why John Schuster is the Best Thing to Happen to Curling in a Long Time…

First off, apologies. I have been in blog hibernation since the last entry. Call it too busy with Christmas, two jobs and enduring 6 weeks straight of mixed graveyard and evening shifts. To paraphrase Danny Glover: ‘I might be getting too old for this shit…’

What has roused me from my slumber to once again regale you with wit and wisdom regarding the roaring game? Well, not one thing in particular. Oh no, there’s a veritable plethora of stuff that has the hair on the back of my neck standing up. Continue reading “Dumb Moves Galore, Mojitos and Why John Schuster is the Best Thing to Happen to Curling in a Long Time…”


The Great Olympic Pre-Trail Swindle (or How Glen Howard and Charlie Thomas Got The Shaft)

One of the great things about this blog is just when I think, for the briefest of moments, that I’ll have nothing to write about, a topic just falls into my laptop-if you’ll pardon the pun.

Case in point: there I was minding my own business, trying-in vain I might add-to balance the divorced single dad budget while wondering: what I should write about for the next blog? when out of the sky, like the proverbial gift from the Gods, drops the Olympic Pre-trials. Continue reading “The Great Olympic Pre-Trail Swindle (or How Glen Howard and Charlie Thomas Got The Shaft)”

Why a BC Team Rating System (BCTRS) Instead of a Tour?

Two blog entries in 2 days? What gives? Is the author on Speed?

No, not at all. If you recall my post yesterday, I did mention that I would follow up-in slightly greater detail-with my argument supporting a BCTRS instead of a tour. Call it Merk Part 2-the Icemaker Strikes Back, if it makes you happier. Although Dave doesn’t get really any screen time in this sequel, not even a cameo.

What you’re about to read is kind of a Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of the two files that I sent to all the recipients of Merk’s original email and the host clubs of the 7 BC Cashspiels listed in the Curl BC Yearbook for this season. Continue reading “Why a BC Team Rating System (BCTRS) Instead of a Tour?”

Dave Merklinger is an Unhappy Camper

If you thought I’d disappeared or given up the blogging gig, wrongo. I’ve actually been busy with a side job that’s a crucial part of this little entry.

As the title suggests, all is not joyful in Merkville these days. But before I go into the ‘why’ let me just say a few things about Dave. The best way to describe him is this; ‘Merk is Merk’. What you see is what you get and you’ll either love him or hate him, but one thing for certain; once you meet him you’re not likely to ever forget him. Continue reading “Dave Merklinger is an Unhappy Camper”

So, What if the Slams Didn’t Exist?

First off you have Gerry Guerts, the wizard of Curling Zone, to blame for this edition of the blog. It was, after all, his idea.

A few weeks back Gerry was on Facebook trumpeting the fifth anniversary of the Slams being saved from oblivion by Sportsnet. Who stepped in and bought them after financial miss-management and ineptitude almost ended them for good. (remember how all of sudden it was revealed that a certain TV network wasn’t getting paid and was about to pull its coverage? We never did find out what happened to the money, did we?) Continue reading “So, What if the Slams Didn’t Exist?”

June 20th-An Old Chinese Curse and Tom Shypitka…

“May you live in interesting times…” –old Chinese curse, author and date unknown

Why the cryptic reference to some old curse? Well, tomorrow could see the beginning of a very interesting period in BC politics. And while I never envisioned a blog post about the recent Provincial election I can’t resist.

Because a curler finds himself smack-dab in the middle of it all. Continue reading “June 20th-An Old Chinese Curse and Tom Shypitka…”

What is Curl BC Doing-Part Two

Welcome back patient reader. Before we continue a small correction; I mentioned that I sent Shannon 5 questions when in fact it was only 4. My bad. I was dealing with a wonky hot water tank during the blog editing process and missed that.

My thanks to Shannon for taking the time to reply to my email and give her responses to the 4 questions. As promised, her answers are presented here unedited for you to read and consider yourselves-although you will see rebuttals from me to the things she mentions. Continue reading “What is Curl BC Doing-Part Two”

What is Curl BC Doing?

A few weeks back I began this blog installment with the idea of linking Easter with the end of a curling teams season. It made sense at the time. Easter was originally a Pagan celebration of the world’s rebirth (Spring) after its annual death (Winter). Until Christianity turned it into a bizarre chocolate and candy celebration of the gruesome execution of a guy-who may or may not have been a deity’s son-who’s only crime, as I can see, was wanting to rid his country of foreign occupation.

But, like life, a funny thing happened on the way to the topic.

Curl BC happened. Again. Continue reading “What is Curl BC Doing?”