So, What if the Slams Didn’t Exist?

First off you have Gerry Guerts, the wizard of Curling Zone, to blame for this edition of the blog. It was, after all, his idea.

A few weeks back Gerry was on Facebook trumpeting the fifth anniversary of the Slams being saved from oblivion by Sportsnet. Who stepped in and bought them after financial miss-management and ineptitude almost ended them for good. (remember how all of sudden it was revealed that a certain TV network wasn’t getting paid and was about to pull its coverage? We never did find out what happened to the money, did we?) Continue reading “So, What if the Slams Didn’t Exist?”


Preseason Musings

Greetings from the Smokanagan.

It’s been a while since my last entry. Like anyone else in summertime, I thought a bit of a vacation from the curling world was in order. Sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping it was a permanent vacation, but now it’s back to work.

So what’s happened since we last chatted? Continue reading “Preseason Musings”

June 20th-An Old Chinese Curse and Tom Shypitka…

“May you live in interesting times…” –old Chinese curse, author and date unknown

Why the cryptic reference to some old curse? Well, tomorrow could see the beginning of a very interesting period in BC politics. And while I never envisioned a blog post about the recent Provincial election I can’t resist.

Because a curler finds himself smack-dab in the middle of it all. Continue reading “June 20th-An Old Chinese Curse and Tom Shypitka…”

What is Curl BC Doing-Part Two

Welcome back patient reader. Before we continue a small correction; I mentioned that I sent Shannon 5 questions when in fact it was only 4. My bad. I was dealing with a wonky hot water tank during the blog editing process and missed that.

My thanks to Shannon for taking the time to reply to my email and give her responses to the 4 questions. As promised, her answers are presented here unedited for you to read and consider yourselves-although you will see rebuttals from me to the things she mentions. Continue reading “What is Curl BC Doing-Part Two”

What is Curl BC Doing?

A few weeks back I began this blog installment with the idea of linking Easter with the end of a curling teams season. It made sense at the time. Easter was originally a Pagan celebration of the world’s rebirth (Spring) after its annual death (Winter). Until Christianity turned it into a bizarre chocolate and candy celebration of the gruesome execution of a guy-who may or may not have been a deity’s son-who’s only crime, as I can see, was wanting to rid his country of foreign occupation.

But, like life, a funny thing happened on the way to the topic.

Curl BC happened. Again. Continue reading “What is Curl BC Doing?”

The WCT. After 20 Years Are Things Better or Worse?

After the last blog about the non-existence of Professional Curling, the next, and most natural step, was to take a look at the organization governing non-playdown, competitive curling: the World Curling Tour.

Why? well, first off the WCT has a big say, perhaps too big, in how the game is run today (Broomgate is an excellent example-and the jury is still out on that one). Second, the WCT has been doing a lot of horn blowing lately. Primarily about the Slams and what a great job they do in developing the ‘professional’ side of the sport. Continue reading “The WCT. After 20 Years Are Things Better or Worse?”

So You Want To Be A Competitive Curler? Part Two: Getting Down to Work

So, have you had your fill of Gushue and Homan? Gorged on curling coverage on the Glass Teat? Inspired by all of it to jump on your own personal Rocinante, brandish your CCA approved brush like a lance and gallop off to battle windmills? Congratulations, you’re ready to get to work. Continue reading “So You Want To Be A Competitive Curler? Part Two: Getting Down to Work”

February 17, 2017-So You Want to Become a Competitive Curler, Do you?


I’ve purposely taken a break from the blog during January because it’s provincial playdown season.  There’s just way too much other stuff going on in the curling world to command your attention than my musings. Plus, a lot of you are doing two things: you’re either licking wounds from failed playdown runs or you’re watching all the results.


It’s to those of you watching, and not participating, to whom this blog is addressed. Now, I should clarify that previous sentence a bit.  I’m referring to those of you who are not just watching but also wondering.  Because you’ve had that moment, that epiphany. Continue reading “February 17, 2017-So You Want to Become a Competitive Curler, Do you?”